The thoughts…

IMG_9484The truth? I used to believe in the truth until I realized everything is indeed arbitrary in the game of dare or truth of our lives… I have dared many times, I have faced the ugly truth, I have sinned and I have seen the sin… I have never counted myself as an innocence soul yet I have been called an innocent soul several times, I wonder why? Haven’t they seen me sinning my entire life? The sin of daring my own existence? Questioning the truth and wondering till when and where these catastrophic chaos will end? We live in an era that we kill our fellow mankind, to expand to feed the thirst of our ego… Ever stepped out of your warm clothes, with bare legs, bare arms and let the fog take you away in the mysterious moments of a winter night just away from the Christmas eve? I did that, I dared, I looked, I searched and I saw… I no longer can be me. once you see you cannot unseen…. I now am a citizen of the Neverland, Where there is no border, no guns, no hatred and no regrets… I will live it, I will taste every bite of this life no matter how you my fellow humankind may roll your eyes… I am born to be a fighter, because from the moment that the fresh air hits a newborns face it teaches the baby to take it and take role in the game of life… Why do we adore superheroes? Because we believe that with supernatural powers we can do anything, be anything and fulfil all of our dreams, yet we forget that everyone of us is that superhero, we are born in the world under, we are created and we will live and die and we will be immortal, we are a part of this life cycle, maybe not always in the form of full physical body but we as such make the entire universe what it is… I, you, even that annoying person who we all wonder WHY they are there? We have to learn, from the cradle to the grave… We live to live….

I might be lost, in my storm of thoughts, I throw up words when I cannot take them any longer however I believe, that I am here for a reason, and so are you… so trust your heart and let the universe carry you…


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