En route to Life!

img_2543Airports are the miniature versions of our lives, people come people go, some people grab your attention so you may keep a visual memory of them and some will not be noticed at all. To me, airports are where I can get inspiration, to be brave enough to let a gigantic iron bird take me around, just like life, we have no control what so ever on any of the movements of an aircraft yet still we happily pay and get onboard! We invest time, wealth and energy in getting on different flights for the aim of reaching destinations, however rather few try to enjoy the actual journey. Maybe only kids enjoy flights. Everything is whimsical to them! I as a child always had one secret wish, if anything ever happens to an aircraft let me, and my family be onboard all together! I never wanted any of them to die and also didnt want to die because it would make my mom sad! I grew up and a while ago I remembered my childhood mentality and just thought how far I had come! I have experienced losing loved ones, I now know that I cannot wish for a family death! But to wish for being strong enough to accept and adapt. 

I like airports, people who are going somewhere are always happy and excited, like little kids and their desire for life! While the returning passengers are rather neutral and mostly NOT looking forward to this journey, just like our lives…. 

I don’t sleep during flights, I want to see, to sense every movement of the aircraft, I have a limited number of hours to be there, therefore I want to use it to the max, however I forget that my life opportunity is also limited, I better learn to enjoy my life on a daily base too. instead of thinking about the past and “IF”s. I find “if” rather toxic! there is no good in any “if” it is soul crusher! trust me! 

And instead of wishing for unknown futures why not enjoying NOW? What has NOW done to us to be that much hateful about it? So next time that you get onboard, at least stay awake for half of the journey and try to enjoy the actual flight rather than the unknown destination… the fluffiness of clouds, sunrise on the sea and sunset behind the mountains, occasional rural villages cross countries… the sounds of exhausted mothers trying to calm their little ones down, the constant snoring of lost in dreamland people… And maybe by sniffing the smell of freshly brewed coffee you’ll see it is me, with my book watching people on the plane! it is an opportunity to start from YOURSELF and reach the word OURSELVES…..



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