The resident shadow of mine

I have been living thousand lives, I have been experiencing several deaths and births. I have been me and I have pretended to be me! I have tried to please others by sacrificing my own heart yet still one hasn’t realized that it takes a life time to heal over all those bruises of thousand knives…. I have never been the popular kid in the block, never been seen by the ones I ever wanted to be seen by… Still I have always kicked hard and tight to prove myself, to prove my existence to prove that I AM! Being a fighter has always been my pride however I have reached a point after 3 decade of my life that even a fighter sometimes puts down its gear and relaxes under the sun yet still I haven’t found either the time or the place to let go of all my shadows… I have been chased by my own shadows for my entire life… So many times I have fallen over my shadows and been drowned by them yet still I have managed to come back to the eternal life of mine….

 I am a sleep talker, with my own shadow…. I once asked myself: What is it like to be a shadow? It is similar to being you, I just get to experience the lower ground… I mainly follow you… I make you look taller when you feel the pride, I stay rather away whenever you don’t see the light but I am always there…. Maybe just in another dimension… You can never reach me and I can never reach you…

And I am still in the search of my shadow…. to only feel the coldness of my own shadow and to let the sun burn away all my dark moments…… 


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