my silence screams…..

Humanity versus inhumanity…

My mother raised me to care for one another… My grandpa passed away trying to teach me: regardless of race, age and sex we are HUMANS and that we are born from the same… Grandpa is gone and mother lives far away so in nights like tonight I sit in the corner of my room, with my knees in my chest and I just want to go back, to being a child, an innocent naive one… The one who thought everyone is the same, we might look different like apples and oranges but we belong to the same origin… 

How ignorant could I be?to wake up to days like this, to be questioned, judged and further to see how humanity is losing itself over the ego… I am scared, I want my grandpa to hold my hands and to tell me that I am safe, to tell me that growing up is not a nightmare and could be nice if we treat each other well…. 

Is there any light at the end of this tunnel? Am I having a bad night? I dont remember signing up for this life…. I was promised to see the beauties and to live a good life helping others, being a decent citizen of this world…. not to be labeled and not to be differently treated. What could have possibly gone wrong that one’s life is more valuable than another?

Dear YOU wake me up from this nightmare and let me taste the morning sweat of a sapling, let me believe in the double rainbows and let me get lost in the jungle of dreams… Let me be the real me, because it has been too long since I last have seen me…..


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