A letter to the tomorrow-me

Dear Tomorrow-me,

Hello, this is today-me, I would like you to know few things about me. The year which I passed either 2016 or the 1395 ( Persian) was filled with several bitter and sharp pieces of broken glass that hurt me to the bones, I was hurt, bleeding and I at some point lost the light at the end of the tunnel. Dear tomorrow me, I just want you to know one thing, no matter how many times I lost the path, no matter how many times I doubted me, doubted you, I just know that there was always an invisible hand taking me back to the right path. Dear tomorrow-me, we have never met, we will though meet tomorrow, we have a date, at 10:28:40 tomorrow morning, it may not be the way I imagined our first date but I would like you to know that I am happy you are coming. You will take away the darkness, the lost hope and you will replace it with the spring blossoms. Dear tomorrow me, please take this small piece of advice, never look back, stay focused on the path and keep kicking till you reach the end of the darkness, on the right alley there will be a blossom waiting for you, giving you all the good news and will wipe away your tears from yesterday. 

Dear tomorrow-me, I always imagined our first visit to be magical and I am sure we will make it magical despite the fact that it will be in  a far away land, with not even one creature speaking of our language, dear tomorrow, please don’t cry, don’t count yourself lonely because tonight I am thinking about you, please have a smiley face for me.

Dear tomorrow-me, it will be the moment of the new year’s, when we hug our family, our beloved ones but don’t cry, you won’t be hugged or kissed on the forehead by your grandpa or grandma…. You have to be strong because you are one hell of a person.

Dear tomorrow-me, please accept my one and only wish, be strong, smile and remember that no matter far or close your heartbeat is tied with your beloved ones….




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