My destiny star

17632438_10155182204284723_906614159082334575_o.jpgI have been living my life at the edge for the eternity, I feel I can remember the day the mother earth was born, that day me, was named the unnamed particle, with all its beauty and nothingness. I was a poof, a dust, I was nothing but I was everything… I was a part of a lost star, a lost hope and I was becoming something. With a strong will I managed to become something, it was better than the nothingness. When I saw myself in the smooth downstream river bank, I was shocked, with trembling molecules I jumped into the riverbank just to become a part of the motion…. millions and millions of years later I was an apple tree somewhere in Europe or Asia? we never named the tectonic plates… the whole thing was a united piece! I was tired, the yearly apple product was too heavy for my shoulder so I lost my conscious  just to open my eyes to my animal life… I was a butterfly, free soul yet was hunted soon after the April showers! I opened my eyes to see that I was a chosen one… I was a beating heart, a human embryo, I was a little fetus, a baby girl! I was born into a hopeful small family, I was supposed to bring all the happiness, fast forward…. I was growing up and had to pave my way through broken pieces… Walking at the edge, I was panicked, this was not what I had planned for! I was a piece of the lost star, hello? anyone? people had stonefaces and I was rushing through the doors to become someone, too fast that I forgot who I was! 

Now sitting after all those running years, I could not remember even one moment of my star life… instead I was fading away in the world of humans, which I had never planned to star for too long…. Hey my destiny star… where are you taking me next?


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