my way!

Little joys of life, were once keeping me alive. In the world of all cruelty and negativity. I could be captured by the beauty of a water drop in the morning, roaming on fresh leaves of a rose bush. I could keep my head up by gazing into the sun and I could stay calm and happy for a lifetime. Yet everyday that passes I realize a bitter fact, that regardless of my babyface, regardless of my young spirit I no longer can be really happy inside. When I first realized that I could feel the death coming I was shocked I could not believe myself. I was in tears and I was hopeless. For a moment I was thinking this would be an end and what a boring, lame and pointless end. Yet I look around and tried to look at it from a better point of view, just a little bit further from my own scope. Perhaps more into the fact that this will help me be nicer to the people around me. I can spend more time with them and try to make them happy! Regardless of all of my bruises from several whips of life, I stood up and like always adjusted my happy face mask. That was the way to go and it is the way to go! 


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